Established in April 2017, Megvii Research USA is the first North America branch of Megvii/Face++. We are located in Redmond, Washington, just half an hour drive eastside from Seattle downtown. The mission of Megvii Research USA is to build a world-class research and development team, and develop cutting-edge AI technologies that can fundamentally transform the industries and our everyday lives.

At Megvii Research USA, we strive to provide an ideal work enviroment for researchers and engineers who want to develop technologies and systems that really work and make a difference. We value and ecourage academic research and publication, but more importantly, we are passinate about enpowering our customers with the cutting-edge technologies so that they could make millions of end users to live and work better.

The sipirit here is "teamwork, aim high, and make it happen". We work together to accomplish greater things. We set high bars because we always aim at being the best in what we do. And finally we are doers who want to deliver and make great things happen in the real world.

We Want You!

For your consideration, we list a few criteria here, they are by no means mandatory, but could give you a pretty good idea on what kind of people we are looking for:

  1. Have strong programming skills;
  2. Be a fast learner, deep thinker, good communicator, dependable team player;
  3. Have project experience with any of the open platforms: Caffe, TensorFlow, MXNet, Torch, Theano, etc.
  4. Have proven research record in top conferences.

To apply, send your CV to

The Seattle research lab is located at 2463 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052, USA.